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I've just finished my Ph.D. in physics at the University of California, Davis.  For the past six years, I worked with Professor James P. Crutchfield to understand the physical relationship between energy, information, and complexity.  I look forward to extending our work on the thermodynamics of computation and probing collaborations in a wide range of fields, including the emergence of biological complexity, principles of autonomous learning, and thermodynamically efficient quantum information processing.

Check out my Google Scholar Page.

Or these publicly available preprints of my recently published papers on these topics:

[1] Information is a thermodynamic fuel. open access.

[2] Intelligent agents chaotically measure, control, and erase their environment. arxiv preprint.

[3] Autonomous engines must synchronize to their environment. arxiv preprint.

[4] Adapting to an environment has an unavoidable energy cost. arxiv preprint.

[5] Computational modularity leads to complexity for thermodynamically efficient agents. arxiv preprint.

You can see my complete CV here.

And my dissertation here.

Or contact me at abboyd [at] ucdavis [dot] edu

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